Why Product Visualisation? How You Make Your Decision Matters!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Isn’t it? For many people who understand through visuals, this is the best saying in their book. Gone are the days when product visualisation was limited to movies or gigantic corporations using it for their promotions. The internet has been the best teacher in engaging minds to learn and opened creativity. Customers prefer 360 approaches of every product.

Product rendering and Sydney 3d Visualisation saves rounds of prototyping and expenses. The 3D helps view the physical conditions in a 360 view which was a limitation for 2D earlier. Creative minds unleash their ideas using many software available today. When a concept or product is at the early stages of development, visualisation helps in analyzing and understanding the problems which could be prevented during actual design.

This gives customers to access the options available freely and decide independently. Electronic gadgets or home products, homes or medical instruments and newly manufactured items – you name it we show it!

3D Modelling Speak! From Basics To Beyond Ahead part 2

This is a continuation from the previous post. http://thelaststand.org.au/?p=38

  • Instances:
  • In simple terms it means duplicates of your original object. You may need copies of the same object again and again and to do so will not only be cumbersome but greatly increase the render time. So you can create instances! These instances derive all information from the original object. The flip side however is that you cannot edit the instance directly; you will have to edit the original object. The changes made in the original will be reflected immediately and automatically in all the instances.


    1. Pivot point:

    It is a point on the 3D object from where the rotation, scaling, moving will occur. You can place it anywhere on the object. The object will rotate around this point every time. Every object can have only one such anchor point. It can be placed away from the object too.

    The yellow box at the centre is the pivot point.


    Some General Pointers:

    • Visualise and strategise your project as a whole.
    • Write down in clear words what you wish to accomplish.
    • Decide if you want to build a model from scratch or develop/work upon one that is already built and available, whether free or paid.
    • Find out reference objects for guidance.
    • Study the reference object carefully and take in all the curves, edges, vertices, faces.
    • Zero in on a modelling approach (polygonal, spline, patch, and parametric) that you are comfortable in.
    • Create a directory to hold all your modelling files; be organised.
    • Choose your software – Autodesk 123D, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Revit, Blender, Rhinoceros 3D, Sketchup & Get Started! Good luck!

    3D Modelling Speak! From Basics To Beyond Ahead part 1

    In the first part of this series we learnt basic 3D modelling concepts like Polygon Geometry, Polygon Mesh, NURBs surfaces, Subdivision surfaces, Extrusion & Edge Loop. Let us continue with learning other significant concepts!

    1. Bevelling:

    Bevelling is the process of cutting off the edges or corners of a hard surface, or creating rounded edges on a given mesh. It expands a vertex and edge into a new face. It aims at reducing the “computer generated image” effect of the model.

    1 Capture

    1. Digital Sculpting:

    It is done using software that offers tools to enable pushing, pulling, smoothing, and grabbing, pinching or otherwise manipulating a digital object as if it were made of clay! It allows creation of fine lines, wrinkles, scratches on a face to make the model as real life as possible.  Sculpting software will allow you to take your models to the next level to create those niceties that would otherwise be too difficult to create in traditional box modelling techniques. Check the images below


    The Smart Truck Team Changed Lives By Saving Lives – The Project Approved Immediately After Product Visualisation Demo

    Interested in computer graphics, I have spent most of my weekends at workshops related to product visualisation. I was impressed with every project presented, right from animation to powerful and high-speed martial art’s sequences. Many experts from the field share their experiences and it’s very encouraging. There was one particular event I attended which made me realize how technology has made the world a better place.

    Many accidents occur when trying to overtake heavy vehicles on highways with one-lane roads. The truck blocks the entire view of the road and travels at the same speed mostly causing frustration to the vehicle behind. The team shared with us the video they presented before the government officials. The demo swept me away. A truck was designed with

    • Wireless built-in front camera
    • 4 rear outdoor monitors

    This made the whole difference. Every vehicle behind the truck would see the traffic before the truck by seeing the display all the time.

    Safety Assured 24/7!

    Show Me Vs Explain Me! Today’s Generation Vote For 3D Rendering Rather Than Explanations

    I always wonder why these busy people today have no time left out for anything. I have seen a very few people relaxed and enjoying their sip of tea like my son! He is one busy executive who has the responsibility to design the new model homes for his residential property business.

    Curious was me when I knew he was relaxed with his work models. I was wondering how he was designing his blueprints for his new building’s plans. He did not seem so stressed about making designs. Not even when he got calls to change them or fine tune them. I was a design engineer myself, but I belonged to yesteryears. My wife was proud when my son announced that he was going to follow my path. All my relatives and friends chanted that it was in his DNA!

    Here I got the answer – 3D Render Service! I really wished I had this technology developed in my time!

    Here’s an example video of some latest trends on 3D rendering industry: