The Smart Truck Team Changed Lives By Saving Lives – The Project Approved Immediately After Product Visualisation Demo

Interested in computer graphics, I have spent most of my weekends at workshops related to product visualisation. I was impressed with every project presented, right from animation to powerful and high-speed martial art’s sequences. Many experts from the field share their experiences and it’s very encouraging. There was one particular event I attended which made me realize how technology has made the world a better place.

Many accidents occur when trying to overtake heavy vehicles on highways with one-lane roads. The truck blocks the entire view of the road and travels at the same speed mostly causing frustration to the vehicle behind. The team shared with us the video they presented before the government officials. The demo swept me away. A truck was designed with

  • Wireless built-in front camera
  • 4 rear outdoor monitors

This made the whole difference. Every vehicle behind the truck would see the traffic before the truck by seeing the display all the time.

Safety Assured 24/7!