3D Modelling Speak! From Basics To Beyond Ahead part 1

In the first part of this series we learnt basic 3D modelling concepts like Polygon Geometry, Polygon Mesh, NURBs surfaces, Subdivision surfaces, Extrusion & Edge Loop. Let us continue with learning other significant concepts!

  1. Bevelling:

Bevelling is the process of cutting off the edges or corners of a hard surface, or creating rounded edges on a given mesh. It expands a vertex and edge into a new face. It aims at reducing the “computer generated image” effect of the model.

1 Capture

  1. Digital Sculpting:

It is done using software that offers tools to enable pushing, pulling, smoothing, and grabbing, pinching or otherwise manipulating a digital object as if it were made of clay! It allows creation of fine lines, wrinkles, scratches on a face to make the model as real life as possible.  Sculpting software will allow you to take your models to the next level to create those niceties that would otherwise be too difficult to create in traditional box modelling techniques. Check the images below